Our Services

General Contracting Advice

Development Of Contract Strategies
-   Should you outsource?
-   How much control do you want over your Project?
-   What aspect of your Project should you retain control/ownership of?
-   What are your concerns, what is your exposure ?

Pricing Mechanisms

-  What is the best way to price for your work requirement?
-   Unit Rate, Lumpsum Price, Milestones call-off...

Optimize your cash flow without killing your project...!!!

Contract Qualifications/Negotiations/Claims

(a) Contractor Qualifications to Ts & Cs of Tender Invitation
(b) Response to Contractor Qualifications to the Ts & Cs of Tender Invitation
(c) Preparation/Packaging of Contractor Claim(s)
(d) Review of Contractor Claims

We also provide research services in areas pertinent to Client's area of Contracting interest.

Contract Management Services

Work Performance Monitoring vis-a-vis Contract Terms

-  Where there is a Contractual basis for a Variation/Claim, the requisite documentation is
   submitted in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Contract.

-  Invoice Tracking :
We will work with you to facilitate the prompt settlement of your invoice(s).

Model Contract Templates

Draft, Review/Revision of:

-    MOUs

-    Gas sales  Agreements

-    Indemnities

-    Assignments

-    Agreements

-    Letters

-    Contracting Procedures- review, revision and development.